2020 Annual Adult Club Tournament


The Wanless Board is following the City of Toronto’s protocols to aid in helping to keep our members, staff, and community safe and healthy when using our facility. The following activities are temporarily suspended and will be potentially adjusted throughout the season as new tennis protocols are released from the City:

  • Junior and Adult Team activities
  • Social Events

2020 Tournament Information

Tournament Schedule

  • The Annual Adult Club Tournament for 2020 will commence on September 8 and continue until October 31, weather dependent. Registration deadline is by September 1 (midnight).
  • To participate in the Club Tournament, players must be available to play their matches according to the pace of play that has been set out; namely 1½ weeks for the first round; and within one week for each subsequent round to be played.
  • If the game has not been played in time the result will be decided by a coin toss, no exceptions.
  • If a member is unavailable the entire week or is injured, the opponent will be declared the winner.

Divisions and Format

The tournament will consist of 10 divisions in the following categories and formats. We are anticipating a minimum of 4 entries per category. The Tournament Manager may choose to run a category even if there are less than 4 players/teams in a category. Depending on the number of entries, the organizers have the ability to move members between A & B levels.

  • Men’s Singles (A and B levels)
  • Women’s Singles (A and B levels)
  • Men’s Doubles (A and B levels)
  • Women’s Doubles (A and B levels)
  • Mixed Doubles (A and B levels)

The format for all Categories will be strictly elimination – i.e. if a person loses their first game, they are done.


  • Members 16 and over as of January 1, 2020 may enter. Eligible Juniors who choose to enter Adult event(s) cannot also participate in the same category of event(s) at the Junior level.
  • Members can sign up for a maximum of 2 events – i.e. a person cannot sign up for Doubles, Singles & Mixed Doubles categories.
  • A member cannot play in both the A & B levels of the same event. A member cannot be part of two doubles pairings in the same event – i.e. a person cannot sign up with one member for the A Doubles & sign up with another member for the B Doubles.

Match Details

The draw sheets for each category will be posted and maintained in the clubhouse and on the website. The draw sheets will identify the pairings for each match/round and the date by which each match must be completed. These match timelines have been developed to ensure every participant has the same opportunity to play their matches.

Please respect your fellow participants and make every effort to play as soon as possible within the specified timeframe. If a weather delay occurs, all players are required to arrange to play as soon as possible.

  1. Arranging Matches: For all opening round matches, the player whose name appears at the bottom of the pairing is responsible for contacting his or her opponent and scheduling a mutually convenient time to complete their match within the required match timeline. Please coordinate match bookings promptly to ensure all matches are played by the deadlines.
  2. Missed Match Timelines: If the game has not been played in time the result will be decided by a coin toss, no exceptions.
  3. Match Scoring and Reporting: Winners must inform the Clubhouse Monitor of the match results immediately upon completion of the match. The Clubhouse Monitors will record the score on the Tournament Draw sheets posted in the clubhouse and on the Club website. The player is still responsible for contacting the Clubhouse Monitor during operating hours or checking the draw sheets on the web to identify their opponent for the following round.

Court Booking

  • Only tournament semi-final and final matches are entitled to be booked for 2 hours and should be booked through the clubhouse by emailing the clubhouse at [email protected] or calling at 416.483.4546. All other matches must be booked in GameTime as regular matches.
  • Players are NOT permitted to book more than one timeslot for the same match (as insurance in the event of rain). If a match is affected by rain, and court time is unavailable to the players prior to the Match Timeline, contact the Tournament Director to assist in rescheduling the match.
  • Players will NOT be permitted to exceed normal court booking limitations simply because they are registered for too many events within a 7-day cycle. Please manage your time accordingly. If you experience difficulty in arranging a match prior to the Match Timeline, contact the Tournament Director to assist in rescheduling the match. The Clubhouse Monitors are not to be put in a position of having to circumvent court booking rules by tournament participants.

Match Rules

  • Pace of Play: Players should arrive for their matches 10 minutes prior to the start of their court booking. Warm-up time is a maximum of 5 minutes. Players who are more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled match will automatically forfeit the match and the opponent(s) that was on time will proceed to the next round.
  • Match format will be the same as for the Ladder. Match will be 55 minutes long including the 5-minute warm-up; best of 12 games. If the match is a tie when time is up, or score is 6-6 a “sudden death” point will be played. The person who served the first game of the match will serve the “sudden death” point.
  • Similar to House League and Ladder games, games tied at deuce will be decided with the best two out of three deuce points. If a third deuce point is required (“sudden death”), the player or team receiving the serve decides on which side the serve will be received.
  • The semi-finals & finals for each Category will be a maximum of 2 hours long. Two sets will be played. If a set is 6-6, a 7-point tie breaker will be played (first to 7 – by 2). If the score is 1 set each, a 10-point tie breaker (first to 10 – by 2) will be played. If the game is not complete after 2 hours, the person winning at that point will be declared the winner. If the game is still a tie when the second hour is up a single “sudden death” point will be played to determine the winner. The person who served the first game of the match will serve the “sudden death” point.
  • In the event rain interrupts an existing match underway, players will need to schedule another time to complete the game. If the game is not completed in the allocated timeline, the person / pairing winning will be declared the winner. If the game is a tie the result will be determined by coin toss.
  • If a match is not able to be started because of rain, and court time is unavailable to the players prior to the Match Timeline, contact the Tournament Director to assist in rescheduling the match.
  • Coaching: No coaching or outside interference is allowed once a match has begun. If this occurs, the non-coached player has the right to immediately take the game (current game only) as his/her game won.
  • Ball Exchange: Each participant or team will bring a NEW can of balls to each match. The winner of the match keeps the new balls for the next round and the loser keeps the used balls.
  • Balls will be provided by the Club for the final match in each category.
  • Umpires: There will not be umpires at any matches. While the tournament is intended to be primarily for fun, it is also intended to be played properly. Players are reminded to call the lines fairly and give the benefit of the doubt to your opponents for close calls. Rules shall follow Tennis Canada’s “Rules of the Court”.
  • Dispute Resolution: The Tournament Director’s decision is binding in case of any disputes. If you feel the Tournament Director is being unfair or unjust, please feel free to join the Board and volunteer for the role next year.
  • As per the City of Toronto Guidelines and COVID-19 protocols, we ask that any spectators stay a minimum of six metres away from the court fencing and adhere to the two-metre (six feet) social distancing rules; wear cloth masks if social distancing is difficult to maintain. Upon completing their respective matches, we also ask tournament players to move away from the courts and observe social distancing rules.
  • Players need to hand sanitize upon entry and exit from the courts and MUST have completed the Wanless COVID-19 Waiver Form in order to play.


Registration was closed on September 1.

Enjoy the Tournament … May the Sun Shine and the Balls Bounce In!!!

If you have any questions, contact the clubhouse at 416.483.4546 or send an email to the Tournament co-ordinator, Steve Duchen.