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For lesson questions please contact our Head Pro, Laura Borza.
For technical questions please contact Jim Longo, Information Services.
For general club management please contact Shannon MacPherson, Club Manager.

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Racquet Stringing Onsite

How do you know whether your racquet needs new strings?

USRSA logoThe USRSA supports the industry-standard recommendation of restringing as many times per year as you play in a week. This advice is typically given to those who don’t play that much, and seem to be looking for any excuse not to restring. Some recreational players may even go more than a year without restringing making it very difficult to try and reproduce year old string tension when a string does finally break.

New strings can help your game and by lowering the tension help those suffering from tennis elbow issues. Speak with our Club Pro/Stringer, Neal Kilpatrick to find out more on string tension. Most players never break their strings but still require periodic string replacement.

Gamma racquet stringing machineAll racquets are strung offsite on the Wilson Baiardo electronic machine. The usual turnaround time for stringing is 24 – 48 hours. We have a wide assortment of strings available in addition to the following:

  • Babolat RPM 15L, 16, 17
  • Head Velocity MLT 16
  • Tourna Big Hitter Black 16, 17
  • Head Synthetic Gut 16
  • Head Rip Control 16
  • Babolat RPM Blast 17

Please be aware that strings can be ruined by extreme temperatures. Do not leave your racquets in hot/cold cars as the strings lose their elasticity and can be ruined in a very short period of time. When travelling please keep your racquets within the pressurized cabin of the airplane. String stencilling of logos is free.


We stock some fun and funky coloured Head over-grips for racquets in which the original grip is worn down or dirty. Refresh your racquet for only $3.00. Over-grips can also be used to increase the grip size of junior racquets. Many players change their over-grips every 25 hours of play or every 3 months.

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