Progressive Tennis at Wanless

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What is Progressive Tennis?

Progressive Tennis introduces the sport of tennis in a fun and interactive way and ensures immediate success for young players aged 4-10. Using modified tennis balls, racquets, nets and courts, young players are properly equipped to enjoy rallies and learn the fundamentals of the game early on.

Progressive Tennis is used as a developmental tool to allow young children to improve their overall tennis skills faster so they can transition to the regular court with more ease.

The progressive ball moves through the court slower and bounces lower which enables young players to develop proper technical fundamentals (grip, set-up, impact point, hitting zone, and recovery). Use of the progressive ball also promotes longer rallies and the overall importance of consistency.

What is Physical Literacy?

The learning and practice of fundamental movement skills is the basic building block for the development of physical literacy. The development of fundamental movement skills, and fundamental sport skills, is critical if children are to feel confident when they engage in physical activity for fun and for health, or for competition and the pursuit of excellence.

General Athletic Objectives

  • Instill a love of sport and being physically active (and a specific interest in tennis).
  • Introduce hand-eye coordination (striking an object).
  • Introduce and promote a variety fundamental movement skills (walking, running, jumping, catching, throwing).
  • Introduce fundamental motor skills (agility, balance, coordination and reaction speed).

General Fundamentals

  • Develop basic tennis skills (technical/tactical).
  • Acquire psychological skills (ability to focus, emotional control, positive attitude, commitment & effort).
  • Introduce the rules of the game and tennis ethics.
  • Game-based play introduced.

Progressive Tennis Programs


Parent & Tykes: explore the game of tennis as a parent/child duo. Learn various ways to develop the child’s physical abilities so they can develop their game with ease. Racquet control and coordination drills aimed for 3-5 years old “Learning” the game together in a fun engaging way.

Tiny Tykes: emphasis on fundamental movements; racquets control and hand eye coordination drills. Introducing self rally and consistent ball contact. Develop the love of tennis. Ages 4-5.

Tykes: more complex coordination drills; racquet control; self rally skills development; goal is to rally over the mini nets. More activities revolving teamwork and games. Introducing volleys and serves. Ages 6-7.

Orange Slammers: continued emphasis on coordination, exploring the depths of a bigger court, emphasis on movement and rallying. Game based approach will be applied when possible. Introducing volleys and serves. Ages 7-9 (7 with more experience, 9 with less).

Green Aces: continued emphasis on coordination, full court tennis, emphasis on rallying, spins and serves. Game based approach will be applied. Fundamentals should be in place before transitioning to regular ball. Learning to rally with improved direction and height control, serving with better power and control, returning serves, and playing at the net with volleys and overheads. Focus will be on developing the complete tennis game. Ages 9-11 (9 with more experience, 11 with less).