Progressive Tennis at Wanless

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At Wanless Tennis we use the principles of Progressive Tennis throughout our lesson programs.

What is Progressive Tennis?

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Progressive junior tennis simply modifies the size of the court and equipment to acknowledge the size of the participants. We use mini nets, low compression balls and various large targets to start skill building with small children. The Tiny Tykes program is designed for children ages 4 and 5 in the current year. The Tykes program is for children ages 6, 7 and 8 in the current year. Both groups focus on building skills using the ½ court. The more advanced Tykes will progress to the ¾ court. Novice players will focus on ¾ court with low compression balls.

progressive tennis chart

  • Tiny Tykes (4-5) – Red Ball. First time out using mini-nets playing ½ court tennis.
  • Tykes (6-7) – Red Ball. Little or no experience with tennis.
  • Novice – Orange Ball. Player has some experience with tennis playing ¾ court.
  • Intermediate – Green Dot Ball. Player needs to be able to rally full court.
  • Recreational Advanced – Regular Ball. Player must be able to serve, score and direct the ball.
  • Competitive Advanced (High Performance) – Regular Ball. Children playing competitive tennis (school teams, OTA tournaments or interclub teams).

Please see the following Parent’s Guide to Under 10 Tennis for more information on making tennis enjoyable for your children.