Adult Lessons at Wanless Tennis

Wanless Tennis has many instruction programs available for adults, whether you are a beginner just starting out, an intermediate player that wants to take their game to the next level, a seasoned high-level player that wants to fine tune their game, or a social player who just wants to enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Programs for 2024

The following programs are available in the Spring, Summer, and Fall in both daytime and evening sessions. Program dates and times are detailed in the schedules below.

Tune Up for Spring Clinics

Want to shake the winter cobwebs off your game; prepare for team tryouts or simply start the season in full stride? Come out and get the season off to a great start. Meet some new members in a drop-in style class special – skip work at lunch and get started with drills, games or cardio. There is something for everyone.

Lunchtime LiveBall Games & Any LiveBall Clinic

Enhance your doubles play by playing coach led games to play out points in a fun, high-paced, and competitive hour. For levels 3.0 and up.

Cardio Tennis

Hit 500-1000 balls an hour and get your heart rate going by combining tennis and sport specific fitness during the hour. Minimal technical feedback; maximum volume. All skill levels welcome.

Fundamental Tennis “Learn to Play”

Learning to play tennis? No problem. The hour is dedicated to learning all the basics with technical feedback geared to you personally in a group dynamic with other players at the same skill level. Goal is to start rallying with control. For levels 0 – 2.0.

Intermediate Fundamentals

We will work on developing groundstrokes, volleys and serves with a more advanced approach. Emphasis will be on rallying and maintaining good technique while placed in various point situations.

Intermediate Doubles Strategy

Learn the basics of doubles in a clinic that covers doubles strategies that are easily transferred to in your next social game. For levels 2.0 and up.

Mastering Groundstrokes (2.5-3.5)

Spend the hour working on the forehand and backhand, rallying and the consistency required to improve your game. It is an hour dedicated to building good habits on your ground game both tactically and technically.

Shot of the Week

For all levels. Those signed up will be split up per court in relative levels and appropriate drills will be performed to push those attending to work on and develop the shot of the week more. From forehands down the line to the lob, all the shots will be covered week by week then put in some form of game play.

Singles Strategy & Play

Explore the game tactics and gain an advantage when playing by learning to strategically outsmart your opponent. For levels 2.5 to 3.0 and higher. Must have the ability to sustain a rally.

Mastering Volleys & Spins

Spend the hour drilling the volleys, getting familiar with various ways of taking the ball out of the air; catch, punch, block volleys and then incorporate them in various games. The slice and volleys are similar in lots of ways from the required grip to the way the racquet face meets the ball; working on both can help you incorporate them faster in your game. For levels 3.0 and up.

Mastering Serves & Returns

The two most important shots in the game that get spent the least amount of time on. Not anymore. Spend the hour working on the fundamentals of servingby breaking the serve down and focusing on the athleticism and mechanics ofserving. Suitable for all levels. In addition, we will be working on the different returns and mentality when receiving a serve of all levels. Get those reps in all around.

Mastering Serves, Spins and Volleys

Specialty shots clinic. Work on the drop shot, the lob, the slice, topspin, even serves.Drills and technique work for half the time and games for the latter half. For levels 3.0 and up.

Play with the Pro

Get a group of friends and sign up to play with the pro and learn as you play the game; or simply sign up and you’ll be grouped with similar level. There are 6 spots total for this class. 3 per court with a pro. This is geared for the person able toserve, rally and volley. This is not a technical class and most of the focus will be on point play, strategy and decision making while playing the game. (3.0 and up)

Please contact our Head Pro, Laura Borza with any questions about our programs.

Adult Lessons Schedules 2024

Please note that we are dependent on the weather and there are no refunds for rainouts. There will be various options available throughout the year for makeup classes and other opportunities.
Non-members are welcome in all adult daytime and evening clinics; however, adult clinics are offered to members first.
If there are spots still available within ten (10) days of a clinic’s start date, non-members may join in.
Non-members are considered guests of the club and will pay an additional $25.00 fee for the clinic.

If the programming you are interested in is not offered or is sold out please fill out this form so that we can gauge interest and adjust capacities for future programming. Court permitting we will look into creating availability as soon as possible but it is not guaranteed and you will be contacted by the head pro if availability for the program changes.

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Doug Philpott Children’s Tennis Fund

Philpott Fund logo graphic The Doug Philpott Children’s Tennis Fund is a charitable organization that teaches tennis and life skills to inner-city youth. Consider donating to help their worthwhile cause. $25 can send a child to camp for a week. You can add a $25 donation by going to our website.