Court Booking Rules and Regulations

gametime logoThe majority of members make great use of the Gametime court booking system. The courts are booked very consistently. Since the system makes it so easy for people to reserve courts the executive has decided that available court time needs to be treated as an important resource. Please review the following rules to ensure you comply with club policies and ensure fair use of the courts for all members.

Booking Rules

  1. Members are able to book courts for 1 hour for singles or doubles play. We allow members to book 2 hours for doubles play on weekdays daytime only (Monday-Friday, 7 AM – 4 PM).
  2. Members can reserve courts up to 6 days in advance. For instance on Monday you can book up until the end of the following Sunday (Monday starts with the first booking of the day at 7 AM).
  3. Members can only have a maximum of two (2) bookings within this rolling 1-week period.
  4. Members may make an additional booking beyond their two (2) booking weekly limit through the Clubhouse on a “same-day” basis if there are courts available. Same-day morning bookings can be requested when the Clubhouse opens; same-day afternoon (noon to 5PM) bookings can requested after 11 AM; and same-day evening (6 PM to closing) bookings can be requested after 5 PM.
  5. When booking a court in the time slot following a scheduled team match, the completion of the team match has priority over your scheduled booking time. Because it is a league rule that all matches must be completed, you may have to wait for completion of the match before you can take the court. Members will be notified of this potential when they book a court where this rule applies.
  6. Wanless has a ball machine available for use by its membership for an hourly rental fee of $15 + HST. Ball machine rentals are for an hour, but members are reminded that they are responsible to pick up all of the balls prior to their hour ending. Ball machines can only be used when there is a Member Services Representative on duty and can only be used on court 1 on Saturdays and Sundays 9 AM – 7 PM (last booking at 6 PM).
  7. If a member wishes to rent the ball machine and court 1 is already booked for regular play but courts 2 or 3 are available, the Club Monitor will be able to re-assign courts accordingly to allow for ball machine play on court 1. Please contact the Clubhouse for this to be done.
  8. Please be considerate of our neighbours. The courts should not be used prior to 7 AM.
  9. Public Hours are Saturday and Sunday evening from 8 PM to 11 PM. Courts should change on the half hour. Members who have booked a court from 7 PM to 8 PM do not have first right on that court, they should leave if someone is waiting and can get in line for the next half hour changeover.
  10. Wanless also provides additional public hours on the following holiday Mondays
  11. We strive to have a minimum of 2 bookable courts available at all times, with the exception of House Leagues, the Junior Lesson Program priority times, Team matches and practices, Socials and perhaps some other exceptions.

Member Responsibilities

You must cancel your session if you cannot use it. Bookings cannot be cancelled within one hour of booking.

Failure to cancel your session will result in an immediate 7 day suspension. If you are suspended you will receive an email notifying you of the suspension. During this period you will not be able to book a court, and your name will not be available to be booked by the Clubhouse or any other member. See this page for instructions on deleting your reservation.

Never book courts using another member name. Do not attempt to play as a guest of another member. Do not attempt to misuse the system in any other way to circumvent the booking policies. Members found contravening these rules will be penalized with a series of escalating suspensions ultimately resulting in possible revocation of your membership.