Tennis Ladders

Ladders give players the opportunity to play matches with a variety of players in a competitive, but friendly environment, and provide members an opportunity to meet and compete with other members of similar ability.

For the 2024 season, the following singles ladders will launch May 21:

  • Men’s Singles
  • Ladies’ Singles
  • Junior Singles

A Doubles ladder may launch later in the season, depending on interest.

Each Ladder entry costs:

  • May through the end of June: Free
  • The remainder of the season: $25.00 per person

The club donates any proceeds for ladders to the Doug Philpott Inner-City Children’s Tennis Fund.


To view the ladders results and rankings, click here.


For the 2024 season, Wanless Tennis is introducing a “bump ladder” using the TennisRungs app. The “bump ladder” is different from the “box ladder” system used in previous seasons. How a “bump ladder” works:

  • All players within a ladder are initially ranked based on their self-rating, previous ladder results, and the best efforts of the ladder administrators.
  • Each player can issue up to two (2) active “challenges” to any players ranked up to four (4) spots above them (e.g., the player ranked 20 can challenge any of the players ranked 19 through 16).
  • If the player issuing the challenge wins, they assume the rank of the player they challenged, and the player they challenged is “bumped” down one spot (e.g., the player ranked 20 challenges the player ranked 16 and wins, the player ranked 20 then will be ranked 16, the player previously ranked 16 is bumped down to 17, and the players ranked 17, 18, and 19 are also bumped down one spot in the ranking). If the player being challenged wins, no rankings change.
  • When a player issues a challenge, the player being challenged has three (3) days to either “accept” or “reject” the challenge. If the player being challenged rejects the challenge, no rankings change. If the player being challenged accepts the challenge, the two players can then schedule their match and record their score once the match is complete. If the player being challenged does not respond within three days, the challenge is considered a forfeit and the challenger wins.
  • Once a challenge has been accepted, you have ten (10) days to play your match and record the score, otherwise the challenge will “auto-expire”.
  • After playing five (5) matches, a player earns a “wild card” challenge and may challenge anyone ranked above them anywhere in the ladder.
  • Given the dynamic nature of the “bump” style ladder, there will no longer be a monthly reshuffling.
  • After twenty one (21) days of no activity a player will drop five (5) spots in the ranking.
  • After forty two (42) days of no activity a player will be dropped five (5) more spots.
  • After sixty three (63) days of no activity a player will be dropped out of the ladder.

TennisRungs is available through any web browser. TennisRungs also has apps available for both Apple and Android phones.

Match Format

All matches are 60 minutes including the warm-up and consist of a regular set. Games are played with a three point deuce (i.e., a single deciding point on the second deuce) to increase the likelihood that a set can be completed in 60 minutes.

If a match is tied at 6-6, a regular tie-breaker (first to seven points with a two point lead) is played to determine the winner and the match is scored 7 – 6 with the tie-breaker score also recorded.

If the players run out of time, the score at the 60 minute mark is determined by the number of completed games and “Court Time Expired” is selected when submitting the score. In the event that a match is tied 6-6 and in the midst of a tie-break when the players run out of time, submit the score as 6-6 with the tie-break score and select “Court Time Expired”. If the tie-break is also tied, the players should play one (1) deciding point to determine the winner.

If, at 60 minutes, the number of completed games is a tie, the result is determined by a single deciding point, the match is scored accordingly, and “Court Time Expired” is selected when submitting the score.

Defaults and Retirements

If you are playing a match and a player has to withdraw because of injury, the non-injured player will be recorded as the winner. The score at the time of the retirement is recorded and marked as “Opponent Injured”.

If a scheduled match is not played because one player does not show up at the scheduled time (allowing up to a 15 minutes grace period), that player is considered to have defaulted the match and the score will be scored 6 – 0 in favor of the player who did show up, and the score should then be marked as “Opponent No Show”.

If a player cancels a scheduled match twice or more, the other player may request that the match be declared a “forfeit”. The player who did not forfeit will then have the score recorded as 6 – 0 in their favor and the score will be marked as “Opponent Forfeited”. If a player “forfeits” in this manner more than once in a season, they may be dropped from the ladder.

If both players or teams cannot schedule a match after an honest attempt to play, one of the players should withdraw from the challenge and no rankings change.


Registration opened May 13, 2024 and the first seeding of the ladder was posted May 21, 2024.

Members who register after May 21, 2024 will be added to the appropriate ladder within 48 – 72 hours of their registration. They will be placed at the bottom of their respective ladder and given one (1) wild card to challenge anyone within their ladder. If they choose their wildcard challenge wisely, they will immediately be ranked amongst similar players.

To register, open “Ladder Registration” and click “Details” at the bottom of this page, and then click “Register” when you land on CourtReserve. Alternatively, login to your Wanless CourtReserve account, click on “Clinics, Camps & Events” in the menu, type “Ladder” in the search box, and register for the “Singles Ladder” event.

Once the administrators have added you to the TennisRungs software, you will receive an email inviting you to set your password.

Once you have been added to a ladder, you will receive an email indicating that you have been added to a ladder and providing you with a brief description of the rules for that specific ladder.