Wanless Tennis Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the Wanless Online Store for registrations, the Gametime Court Booking software, and the broadcast emails are 3 entirely separate systems. They have nothing to do with each other, so your email address and login information for one has nothing to do with the information for the other. Please read this page to familiarize yourself with our systems. Contact Member Support if you can’t find the answer to your questions.

On-line Store

The store doesn't recognize my email

Each member household has 1 store account which has 1 master email. That email which is used as your login ID to the store might belong to someone else in your family. It might be an email that you no longer use. Please contact member support if you don’t know your login ID. See the note in the newsletter topic if you’re having trougle receiving our emails.

I forgot my password to the store

Click the link on the sign-in page that says “Password Forgotten, Click Here” then enter your registered email address on the next page and a link will be sent to you which allows you to reset your password. If you no longer have access to your registered email you will need to contact member support.

My emails changed I can't retrieve my store password

You will have to contact member support and get us to change your registered email.

I haven't received my confirmation email

All confirmations and tax receipts are emailed to the master email account listed for the household. Please check that address for your confirmations.

The site is telling me this is a duplicate purchase

This is a banking “feature” to prevent mistaken double clicks on the submit button when making purchases. The solution is to log out, delete any cookies from wanlesstennis.com and try again. To avoid this problem you should place all items in your cart and only check out once. For instance if buying 2 adult memberships, place the first one in your cart, go back and repeat for the second adult, when you have 2 memberships in your cart then check out.

How can I change my store password?

After you’ve logged in, click the link on the top of the page – My Account, then select Change My Account Password from the options on the page. Fill in your current password, then the new password, and your password will be changed.

How can I find out if I've already registered?

Go to My Account, then select the option under My Orders, View the Orders I have Made . It will contain your complete purchase history. To check membership status you can click on Manage Family Information and it will tell you if each individual is a member or not.

I keep getting returned to a blank page when I select my item

You’re probably trying to purchase something you are not eligible for. If you just opened a new account you will have to purchase a New Membership. If you’re trying to purchase a lesson that requires membership, you need to pay for the membership first before you will be able to purchase the lesson.
Please don’t open a new account if you are a returning member, you already have an account. If you don’t know your ID contact member support and request it.

Gametime Court Booking Software

My Gametime password from last year isn't working

All Gametime information needs to be regenerated every year as we have a large number of new members and not yet registered returning members. Therefore you need to go through the initial signup every season – sorry. You’re club number is also new, check the Family Information link on your online store account to find it.

I still haven't received my Club Number for Gametime

Your Club Number is available in your on-line store account. Login and click “Manage Family Information” from the left hand menu. Each member’s ID will be listed beside their name.To setup your Gametime account using your Club Number please read the Gametime Setup page. For full instructions on how to use the Gametime system please see the Gametime Instruction page.

I need (can't find) my Gametime password

We don’t have your password. You need to set up your own username and password for the Gametime system. You use the Club Number to do that.To find your Club Number, please read the topic above. To reset your password choose the forgotten password link, you need your email and Club Number to proceed.


Who is a Returning Member?

A returning member is someone who was a member in either of the previous two years prior to the current season. Example: A returning member for registration in the 2023 season is someone who was a member either in 2022 or 2021.

Who is an Adult Member?

An Adult member is someone who is greater than 18 years old as of January 1 of the current season year.

How does the Waiting List work?

If you are not a Returning member and are interested in becoming a member of Wanless Tennis for the current year, register for the current year Waiting List so that if the Adult cap has not been reached for the current year by 2 weeks from registration opening, your registration can be considered in chronological order. Instructions will be sent to those on the waiting list in early February as to steps to take before waiting list registration opens.

The waiting list keeps rejecting my registration?

If your registration returns an error saying “this email is already registered”,  that means exactly what it says, this email is already on the waiting list, there is no need to register again.

What is the current year Adult cap?

For the 2023 season, the Adult cap is set at 650 Adult members; approximately 130 Adult members per court. This cap is reviewed and approved yearly by the Board Executive based on past season analysis of court time usage and availability throughout the season.

Is there a cap on Junior memberships?

Currently, as of the 2023 season, Wanless Tennis does not have a cap on Junior memberships.

When can I register for a Junior membership?

You can register for Junior memberships at any time once membership registration opens.

Is there tax charged on my purchases?

There is HST of 13% charged on the sub-total of all purchases (except Philpott Fund Donations). There is an exception to this if the item is purchased for a person who is under 15 years of age at the time of purchase; in that case there is no tax charged in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency rules for non-profit organizations. Taxes will be displayed at the final confirmation screen when you make your purchase.

Miscellaneous Topics

Can you please change my contact information?

It’s much faster and easier on us if you could update your own information. There are 2 things you need to change:

  1. Change your Membership Information. If you have any information changes concerning your account you should login to your store account and change them there by selecting Manage Family Information from the lefthand menu. This will ensure that confirmations, emails, etc., will get sent to the right address, and your phone numbers will be correct in the directory. Do this for all members in your family. Then update your MyAccount>Address Book to match your credit card billing address so purchases will continue to be accepted.
  2. You also need to change your email address for receiving newsletters . You can do that by clicking the Preferences link at the bottom of any Wanless News email. This will take you to a page where you can change your subscription preferences for receiving news. Or you can just go to the newsletter registration page and signup your new address.

How do I subscribe to Wanless newsletters?

Wanless operates an opt-in broadcast mailing list which you need to subscribe to. You need to make sure your email is registered to receive the news. If you are not subscribed to Wanless newsletters and wish to do so, please follow these steps: Go to the Wanless Tennis News page, Click on “Subscribe to Wanless Tennis News”. Input your email and select which newsletters you wish to receive and click “Submit”. You will immediately receive an email asking you to click a link to confirm your registration (we operate a double opt-in list).
Important Note: Some members (especially Bell and Rogers customers) may experience problems receiving club email on their desktop client software. You need to login to the web based email (which is supplied by Windows Live Mail and Yahoo respectively) and look in the junk folder. You will likely find email there that never reaches your computer. Please add wanlesstennis.com to your Safe Senders List. Use the following links to login to Rogers Webmail or Bell Webmail.In addition please be aware that many institutions such as banks, schoolboards, and other enterprises aggressively filter any broadcast emails. Consider using another email address such as gmail, hotmail, or yahoo for tennis club communications.Lastly contact your IT department or service provider and complain. It is your responsibility to make certain you are receiving broadcasts as all we can do is confirm they are being sent.

How can I register to receive Wanless tweets?

Twitter is the tool we use to update you immediately on current events. We often use tweets to let you know of rain outs, special events, special offers, reminders, and so forth. Text follow wanlesstennis to 21212 and you should then receive Wanless tweets. If this doesn’t work, please join Twitter and follow “WanlessTennis”.

What is your refund policy?

Please see the following page for sales policies.