Wanless Tennis Teams’ Policy


The very nature of a competitive team means that players compete for a position on the team. This Teams’ Policy assists Team Captains by enabling all players to feel that they have been given a fair and equitable opportunity to try out for a Wanless Team. It also establishes operating policies for each Wanless Team. The Wanless Park Tennis Club supports its Ladies, Men’s and Junior Teams.

  1. Participation on any team is open to all current Wanless Park Tennis Club members in good standing.
  2. There are six adult teams at Wanless Park Tennis Club consisting of two men’s evening teams, two women’s evening teams and two women’s daytime teams.
  3. The men’s evening teams are part of the Toronto Men’s Tennis League, the women’s evening teams and one daytime are part of the Toronto Ladies Tennis League and the other women’s daytime team is part of the NYTA league.
  4. Each League has rules for all teams. Every member, including spares, must adhere to those rules. Visit Toronto Ladies Tennis League, North York Tennis Association, Toronto Men’s Tennis League and Toronto Junior Doubles Tennis League websites for details.
  5. Members interested in being on a team must go through the tryout process. The objective of the selection process is to field the strongest and most competitive team representatives in each level/league. The process is transparent with dates and times publicized on the Wanless website for all members who would like to try out. The selection process is based upon player ability, availability to attend practice and match dates (home and away) thus contributing to the overall team goals.
  6. The Toronto and North York Tennis Leagues require each Club Team to have a Captain who is accountable to their Club and to their League. Selection may be on a volunteer basis or by a draw from team members. Once appointed, the Captain shall assume administrative responsibilities, including co-ordination with the coach. The Junior Doubles Team Captains are selected by the Club Pro from the instruction base.
  7. Each Adult Team has core members and some spares to ensure a full complement of players each week. Core members at a particular level are rotated into the playing schedule in an attempt to provide each player an equal number of playing opportunities throughout the season (assuming full availability of team members). Some players may be on the spare list by choice or due to inconsistent availability. Each Junior Team has 10 core members.
  8. All teams will have coaching throughout May and June, paid for by the team members. Coaching will be on a team by team basis. Since each team plays a different number of matches, the team captain will determine the frequency of coaching. The coach, along with the team captain, will ensure a fair process is followed for order of play for the team members.
  9. Regardless of the current advance booking policy, all Wanless Teams will have a priority booking of courts for the home matches. If any match should go over the allotted time slot, any members booking a court after a team match will be notified that their court time may be delayed. The teams also will have a 2-hour practice time slot once per week during the match season.
  10. For Men’s and Women’s teams, every team member playing a home match may be asked to contribute to refreshments for guests after the matches are completed. There will no longer be any reimbursement for any food/refreshments for any adult team home matches. For Junior Doubles home matches, Wanless will cover the cost of pizza and refreshments.