Adult Teams Policies & Conflict Resolution Procedure


Adult Teams Policies

The purpose of these policies is to help ensure that everyone enjoys the team experience as much as possible, including practices and matches.

  1. Participation on any team is open to all current Wanless Park Tennis Club members in good standing.
  2. Each league has rules for all teams. Every team member, including spares, must adhere to those rules.
  3. Each team has core members and some spares to ensure a full complement of players each week. The captain(s) will determine the weekly roster.
  4. Every team member playing a home match may be asked to contribute to refreshments for guests after the matches are completed.
  5. All teams and lines are of equal value – a point on Line 3 is the same as a point on Line 1.
  6. All team members are to treat people with respect, and be supportive of the team captain(s) and other team members. For example, all communications with other team members (which includes team captains), the Director of Leagues, and any other Club director, officer, member, employee and contractor, shall be respectful, proportionate to the concern, and not be in the nature of pestering or harassing behaviour, e.g., excessive and persistent messaging regarding a decision of the captain(s), Director of Leagues or a Club pro.
  7. Once you commit to a team, you are committed to the daily/weekly decisions of the team captain(s), even though some weeks you may not be happy with those decisions.
  8. The team captain(s) are also team members and not coaches, nor need they be the “best” tennis players on the team. They are volunteers who commit a lot of time to the teams so that team members can enjoy competitive doubles team tennis.
  9. The decisions to be made by the captain(s) include assigning players to each of the team’s matches; giving priority to the best interests of the Club and the team; making sure that practices and matches run smoothly by communicating with team members, opposing team captains, the Club and the league; and reinforcing the Wanless Code of Conduct, the Adult Teams Policies, and the Wanless Abuse & Harassment Policy.
  10. A team member or applicant who thinks that the team selection process or a decision by the captain(s) is unfair, should first contact the team captain(s) about their concern. If that is not practical or appropriate because of the nature of the complaint, or the issue does not receive due consideration, then the team member or applicant may contact the Director of Leagues giving particulars of the concern in writing. In that event, the Director of Leagues may invoke the Adult Teams Conflict Resolution Procedure with such changes as may be necessary.

Adult Teams Conflict Resolution Procedure

  1. A team member, which includes a captain, alleged by another person to have breached any of the Wanless Adult Teams Policies, or the Wanless Code of Conduct in the Wanless General Rules and Regulations or the Wanless Abuse & Harassment Policy (in addition to any process and sanction thereunder), may be given notice in writing of the alleged breach by the Director of Leagues.
  2. The team member may dispute the notice or provide an explanation to the Director of Leagues, in which case a committee, including the Director of Leagues (as Chair) and two Wanless Club directors appointed by the Chair, one of whom is not a team member (collectively the “Committee”), will convene as soon as possible and decide if a breach has occurred. Should any member of the Committee have a conflict of interest regarding the team member in question then the Director of Leagues will substitute another Wanless Club director to take that person’s place on the Committee.
  3. The Committee may receive such written and oral evidence and representations as it deems appropriate and necessary to fairly consider the allegation and any dispute or explanation.
  4. The Committee will notify the team member, and such other persons as may be appropriate, of its decision in writing.
  5. If the team member does not remedy the breach forthwith, as per the decision of the Committee, or a second breach occurs in the same season resulting in a further decision of the Committee (which alleged breach shall be subject to the foregoing notification and decision process), then the Committee may temporarily or permanently revoke, and/or apply such terms and conditions to, the team member’s team privileges as the Committee deems appropriate, acting reasonably.
  6. The decisions of the Committee are final and not reviewable.