Adult Waiting List Registration

Those wishing to join as new ADULT members must register on the Waiting List. Those wishing to join as Juniors do not need to register on the Waiting List. There is no cap on Junior members and Junior memberships are available all season.

Please fill in this form to register for the WAITING LIST. Priority will be given (in order of time received, and subject to membership limits) to those on this list after returning members have had a 2 week period to register.

You will be notified in late January / early February each year regarding procedure and requirements. Note that we require all those on the list to renew their intention of joining the club each year. You will be removed from the list if you fail to complete the instructions sent out in January. It is your responsibility to follow through each year.

If the form rejects your registration with a message that “this email is already registered” that means you are already on the waiting list.

The following clubs are taking members.
Edenbridge Tennis Club
Columbus Centre Tennis


Note: Do Not Register here if you were a member in the previous 2 years. You will still be a returning member. You can find that information in your online account beside your name in the Family Information section.
ONE PERSON PER REGISTRATION. No Couples or Family registrations. Submit multiple registrations if necessary.
Please note that email is the only method with which we will be communicating with you. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure we have a valid email address for you at the time when we will be reaching out to all individuals on the Waiting List (i.e. next January – February). Please contact us if necessary to change the email for this entry.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.