What’s New for 2022

The Wanless Park Community Tennis Club has a number of exciting new initiatives planned for our members in 2022. Some of the more exciting changes for the upcoming season include:

  • Adult Daytime Doubles Drop-Ins

    Lucky enough to have (some) daytime freedom for fun and play? Looking to expand your circle of available playing partners? Weekly daytime drop-ins for adult doubles will feature a round robin format to promote social interaction.

  • Expanded Friday Night Lights

    “Live Ball” was introduced on Friday nights in the 2021 season. In 2022, we will be adding adult drop-in round robins to expand the Friday Night Lights offering as we continue to make Friday nights an event that members look forward to every week.

  • Social Events

    Wanless Tennis has traditionally held social events throughout the season. COVID protocols made social events impossible for the entire 2020 season, and for most of the 2021 season. We anticipate that COVID protocols will permit social events in 2022 and are planning an exciting season of events.

  • New Member Ratings

    These will continue in 2022. A “self-rating” is required for many Wanless Park programs, including House League, Teams, and Ladders. New members often rate themselves too high or too low and end up being inaccurately grouped within those programs. New members will be given a free half-hour assessment with one of our Pros and be assigned an “official” Wanless rating. This is also an opportunity for all new members to be introduced to our instruction programs.

  • The New Member Committee

    This was introduced in the 2021 season and will continue in the 2022 season. Each new member is assigned an “ambassador” from the New Member Committee to help introduce new members to the Club and all that it has to offer.

  • New Member/Club Ambassador Round Robin

    In the early Spring, we will have a round robin for new members and new member ambassadors to help kick start the new members’ introduction to the Club.

  • Inter-club Team Play

    Team play was cancelled for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, we are currently anticipating the return of inter-club team play for the 2022 season. Watch the Teams page for updates on both adult and junior teams as each of the leagues Wanless participates in firms up their plans for the 2022 season.

  • Adult Club Tournament

    We’ve sent out a survey to 2020 and 2021 adult tournament participants to solicit their input and will incorporate that feedback to make the 2022 adult tournament even better than in previous seasons.

  • Wanless Cup

    Introduced with tremendous success in the 2021 season, the Wanless Cup will return in the late Summer of the 2022 season. Expect an even better Wanless Cup in 2022!

  • Guests and Non-members

    Guests and non-members will continue to be welcome at Wanless Tennis in the 2022 season. Guests and non-members will need to check in at the Clubhouse with a Members Services Representative to fill in a COVID-19 waiver, provide contact information for COVID-19 contact tracing, and pay the fee. Fees for guests remain the same at $10 + HST per person per day. Fees for non-members have been dramatically reduced to $12.50 + HST per person per day for non-members.