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Wanless Cup

Hello everyone,

Wanless cup image We are pleased to announce that we will run the Wanless Cup again this year. The Wanless Cup 3.0 will continue to focus on league-style competitive play for members with or without experience playing on inter-club teams.

The league will run for 2 - 3 weeks (depending on the number of registrations) starting the week of August 14 and finishing before Labour Day.

While the exact structure of this year’s Wanless Cup will depend on the number of registrations, our intent is to:

All matches will be best two out of three sets, with a super tiebreak (first to ten points with a two point spread) in place of a full third set, time limited to one hour. A regular tiebreaker (first to seven points with a two point spread) will be played when the score reaches 3-3 in a set. Games are played with a deciding point rather than playing out deuces. Each set won will count as one point.

The top teams will then participate in playoffs based on highest points. Ties will be broken based on total games won. Registration is required. It is expected that if you sign up that you commit to playing all assigned matches. Playing level is 3.0+ If you would only like to be a spare please indicate that on the form. We will not be taking requests for teammates.

If interest exceeds the number of spots we can accommodate, we will employ a first-come-first-served approach of qualified players to form the teams. All other qualified registrants will be placed on a Spare List that all teams can draw on.

REGISTER HERE. The deadline to register is Friday, August 4 at 11:59 PM.