Initial Gametime Profile Setup

  1. You need your Gametime ClubNumber which is available in your Wanless Store account Click the Manage Family Information link in the bottom of the left hand menu. Beside each member name you will find the Number. Use that in the following instructions.
  2. Go to the Booking Page.
  3. Click the “First Time User?” tab on the right.
    gametime setup screen 1
  4. Enter your Last Name in the first box and the ClubNumber# in the second box and click Submit.
    gametime setup screen 2
  5. Now you are going to create your desired Username and Password. This is the information you will use to login to Gametime in the future. These can be anything you want (character limit of 20 characters), make them something you will remember. You need to confirm the password. Click Submit.
    gametime setup screen 3
  6. On the next screen you will enter an email address where you will receive confirmations and reminders of court bookings you make. Click Submit.
    gametime setup screen 4
  7. When you reach this page you have finished creating your login information click “Back to Login Page”.
    gametime setup screen 5
  8. Enter the Username and Password that you created in step 5 and you will enter the booking area. The next time you visit the booking site you will only need to enter this Username and Password combination that you’ve created.
    gametime login screen
  9. For further instructions on how to use the system please go to the Gametime instruction page.