GameTime Online Booking Instructions

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  1. BEGINNING OF THE YEAR GO HERE to learn how to use your ClubNumber# to setup your personalized Username and Password.
  2. After you’ve registered, go to the booking page at, or use the menu link at the top of this page – Book a Court .
  3. Type in your Username & Password (not case sensitive) to enter the members section of the site.

Setup your Personal Profile and Options

  1. Under Personal Options, click on Edit My Profile . If the profile menu is not available click on Options near the top right of the page.
  2. Make any changes to your Password, contact information, rating and update your email.
  3. Click the Submit button at the bottom when you’re finished.

Reserving a Court

  1. Click the Tennis tab at the top of the page.

gametime booking screen

  1. A new screen will appear showing today’s reservations. To select another date just click on the day you would like and for the next week click on the arrow just to the right of the day tabs. You may make a court reservation up to 7 days in advance.
  2. Click on your desired available court time (the mouse icon will highlight each court that is available as it is passed over, it will display the time). Please ensure that the mouse icon changes from the arrow to a finger.
  3. A new window opens which states the sport, day and time of your booking.

gametime booking window

  1. As you are booking a court your name will always appear as Player #1. You must fill in the other player(s) by typing in their name (begin with the last name) or selecting their name from the roster. Click Submit when done.
  2. If a player is unable to play due to over-bookings you will be notified in a new window and will be asked to select a different member.
  3. If the booking is accepted a confirmation window will open informing you of the day, time and players involved. Emails will be sent to other people involved in the booking, assuming they have a valid email in the system.
  4. Please note that only the Clubhouse and Staff are able to book lessons. This is to ensure that a Pro is available.


Deleting a Court Reservation

delete reservation

  1. Click on View Matches in the upper right corner.
  2. Find the reservation you wish to cancel and click on the square under the delete column and then press delete.
  3. With added ability to book courts, added responsibility to use those that have been reserved is necessary. Please review the court booking rules. Please note that you must cancel a reservation if you can’t make it. No shows will be have booking privileges suspended for 7 days.

Logging Out of the System

  1. To exit the system press Logout in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Close the Game Time Window.

Contact Member Support if you have any problems using Gametime.