Wanless COVID-19 FAQs


We operate Wanless Park Tennis Club in line with the City of Toronto Guidelines for Tennis during COVID-19 in order to help keep our members, staff, and community safe and healthy when using our facility.

We have put together the following Wanless COVID-19 FAQs to assist our members in understanding the current guidelines of play at Wanless. These could be modified and adjusted as the season progresses and updates are potentially released from the City and the Province.

City of Toronto Protocol-Related

Why do I have to sign a “Member Waiver and Declaration” prior to play this season?

The Club has asked each member who wishes to use the courts this season to sign a “Member Waiver and Declaration” in order to acknowledge the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you or anyone in your household gets sick or contracts COVID-19 after submitting the “Member Waiver and Declaration”, when can you resume playing?

If this happens, you must (a) immediately inform the President or the Vice-President of the Club and (b) not visit the Club until you receive clearance to do so from a qualified medical professional or (c) fourteen (14) days after the cold or flu-like symptoms have completely gone away, whichever is later.

Have the Club Monitors been trained on the new City protocols?

Yes. All Club Monitors on staff this season have been fully trained on the new City protocols; have to complete specific paperwork prior to each of their shifts, have been provided and have to wear Personal Protective Equipment (masks and gloves); have to keep paper and electronic records of member play for contact tracing; etc.

Are the monitors being provided with PPE?

Yes. All Club Monitors receive a mask and gloves before each of their shifts.

How is Wanless ensuring contact tracing of players using the courts?

Monitors are responsible to check and validate that players going on court are identified as players having booked said court in GameTime, have completed the Member Waiver and Declaration form, and have answered the pre-play COVID-19 questionnaire. All Club Monitors sign-off on each of these tasks throughout their respective shifts.


Is the Clubhouse open?

No. The Clubhouse is not open at this time for members. Only the Clubhouse Monitors and the Instructors have access to the Clubhouse. Wanless has chosen to limit access to its Clubhouse to help manage contact tracing and physical protocols.

Can I use the washroom in the clubhouse?

No. The washroom in the clubhouse is not available for use by members at the current time. It is used only for Junior Summer Daytime Clinic participants with the assistance of a Club Monitor. City public washrooms are open and available for club members.

Can I purchase items from the clubhouse – balls, chocolate bars, drinks, etc.?

Yes, you can purchase balls courtside from the Club Monitor who will bring the balls to you courtside. No other items will be available for sale at this time.

Can I fill my water bottle at the water cooler in the clubhouse?

No. Please fill your water bottle at your house before coming to Wanless to play. The Clubhouse remains closed to members at this time.

Can I rent a ball machine?

Yes. Please refer to the Booking Rules for ball machine hours. The rental will be for 45 minutes to allow proper sanitization protocols in between usage by the Club Monitors. Payment for the ball machine will be done post-play by e-transfer.

Playing Tennis

Who is currently able to use the Wanless tennis facility?

During Club permit hours, Wanless is only open as usual to members, guests, and non-members.

Can we play doubles within the same household or the same social bubble?

Yes. City protocols have now opened up doubles play.

Can we pull the curtains between courts to avoid having balls go from one court to another?

No. To avoid undue contact of individuals pulling the curtains open and closed, the curtains can only be pulled by an Instructor providing a private lesson on Court #1.

Why can I only play for 55 minutes rather than an hour?

We have limited the time of play to 55 minutes to allow for the Club Monitors to sanitize the courts between court bookings as per City of Toronto protocols.

Why am I only able to book 1-hour court time rather than 2-hour court time during Daytime this season?

We have limited the booking rules this season to one hour to allow for maximum member play given the COVID-19 environment.

What time should I arrive for my court booking?

If your booking is on the hour on courts 1, 2, or 3, arrive at the East gate on the hour. If you booking is on the half-hour on courts 4 or 5, arrive at the West gate on the half-hour. You will be asked to wait 5 minutes while the Club Monitor sanitizes the court from the previous booking, verifies your identity, and asks the pre-play COVID-19 screening questions. Your 55 minutes will begin 5 minutes after your court booking.

Why do I have to wait at the East or West gate before coming onto the court to play?

We have asked players to wait at the East gate (for access to courts #1, 2, or 3) and West gate (for access to courts #4 or 5) so that the Club Monitor is able to ask the pre-play COVID-19 screening questions, validate and confirm the identity of the players going on court to fulfill the contact tracing requirements set out by the City of Toronto protocols, and be the ones to handle the gate doors.

I am a non-member – am I able to play at Wanless this season?

Yes. Non-members will be asked to sign a “Waiver and Declaration” in order to acknowledge the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and provide contact information to facilitate contact tracing protocols established by City of Toronto.

Can I bring a guest to play?

Yes. Guests will be asked to sign a “Waiver and Declaration” in order to acknowledge the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and provide contact information facilitate contact tracing protocols established by City of Toronto.


Can I play in the Ladder this season?

Yes. Wanless Adults Singles (both Men’s and Ladies) and Mixed Doubles Ladders are available.

Why did you change the rules of play of the Ladder from 14 games to 12 games?

Because of the 55-minute play restriction we have reduced the number of games from 14 to 12 for this season; with each game won being worth a single point.

When the Instructors are giving private lessons, how do they ensure they are adhering to City of Toronto protocols with respect to their teaching equipment?

Each Instructor has been provided with their own teaching equipment materials including basket of balls, tubes, cones, etc. They are the only ones accessing them. Additionally, each Instructor has been trained and is fully versed with the City of Toronto protocols.

Will you be holding summer camps for kids?

We have put in place day-time Junior skills programs for the summer in place of summer camps. Please check out the Summer Daytime Clinics page.

Will there be any Socials this season?

No. Wanless will not be looking to put together any Socials for the start of the 2021 Season.

Will there be any Team play this season?

Possibly. It is not clear at this time whether Tennis Leagues will be running for the 2021 Season.

Will there be any Tournaments this season?

Yes. Wanless is looking into holding both Adult and Junior tournaments in the Fall. For more information on the rules and regulations, check out the Adult Tournament page and the Junior Tournament page.