Wanless COVID-19 FAQs


We operate Wanless Park Tennis Club in line with the City of Toronto Guidelines for Tennis during COVID-19 in order to help keep our members, staff, and community safe and healthy when using our facility.

City of Toronto Protocol-Related

Do I need to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before playing tennis?

All tennis players should self-screen before coming to Wanless to limit the introduction of infection: Prior to attending a community tennis club, every player must do the self-assessment for COVID-19 on the Ontario Ministry of Health website and if they do not pass the assessment they should not attend a community tennis club court until they pass the assessment and do not have signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Tennis players can visit the City’s website to determine if further care is required and learn about assessment centres.

Can I play tennis if I have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case?

Please follow Toronto public health guidelines with respect to return to work or school. See Toronto public health guidelines.

How is Wanless ensuring contact tracing of players using the courts?

Monitors are responsible to check and validate that players going on court are identified as players having booked said court in GameTime. All Club Monitors sign-off on each of these tasks throughout their respective shifts.


Is the Clubhouse open?

No. The Clubhouse is not open at this time for members. Only the Club staff have access to the Clubhouse.

Can I use the washroom in the clubhouse?

No. The washroom in the clubhouse is not available for use by members at the current time. City public washrooms will be opened early May for club members.

Can I purchase items from the Clubhouse – balls, chocolate bars, drinks, etc.?

You can purchase balls or arrange for racquet stringing at the Clubhouse. No other items will be available for sale.

Can I fill my water bottle at the water cooler in the clubhouse?

Yes. You should fill up your water bottle at home before coming to play, but if you need a top up, bring your water bottle to the clubhouse and a Member Services Representative can fill it up for you.

Can I rent a ball machine?

Yes. Please refer to the Booking Rules for ball machine hours.

Playing Tennis

Who is currently able to use the Wanless tennis facility?

During Club permit hours, Wanless is only open as usual to members, guests, and non-members.

Can we pull the curtains between courts to avoid having balls go from one court to another?

No, the curtains can only be pulled by an Instructor providing group or private lessons.

Why am I only able to book 1-hour court time rather than 2-hour court time during Daytime this season?

We have limited the booking rules this season to one hour to allow for maximum member play given the COVID-19 environment.

What time should I arrive for my court booking?

If your booking is on the hour on courts 1, 2, or 3, arrive at the East gate on the hour. If your booking is on the half-hour on courts 4 or 5, arrive at the West gate on the half-hour. You will be asked to wait while the Club Monitor verifies your identity.